Dumpsters are a great tool to dispose of any unwanted debris.

Whether it be home renovations or construction work, a dumpster  can not only be an investment in saving time but also money.

Many new time customers however don’t know the ins and outs of loading a dumpster  such as what can go in and what stays out.

Here we will explain how our dumpsters should be loaded and how our dumpster service  can make your life just a bit easier. 

1. Break Things Down

Whenever you break something down, break it down to its smallest size. From foam to concrete, all approved materials are easier to fit when you break them down. 

2. Flatten Boxes

If you are working on disposing of cardboard, it is best that you flatten the boxes. This can consume a lot of time and be a general annoyance, but it will spare your time. Use a box cutter or some other sharp object and be sure that you are reshaping the boxes to the flattest they can be. 

3. Bulk at the Bottom

If you are trying to dispose of any kind of bulky item, place it at the bottom. Once there is a substantial amount of this kind of item at the bottom, then it is the best time to start placing smaller items.

4. Fill the Gaps

Filling in gaps to where they exist. When you are doing a substantial clean up job it can be easy to miss small details such as this. Take out a moment every so often to analyze your project and look for any places that can be filled. Consider different dumpster sizes  also so that you have the proper amount of room for your project. 

5. Distribute Weight Evenly

Make sure you’re distributing weight across your dumpster. If the weight is not distributed evenly, it can move around during transit, which creates a messy and potentially life threatening situation. 

No one likes it when a roll off dumpster rental, well rolls off. Check throughout your project to check for any safety concerns regarding how evenly distributed your trash is to insure balance. 

6. Don’t Load too High

For the last bit,  make sure you do not load above the sidewall of the dumpster  because loose items can fly out during transportation. The loose debris can cause bodily injury and even death if it causes a vehicle accident or strikes someone



Overfilling a dumpster can have dire consequences for the law and safety of the public.  See below for common mistakes when loading a dumpster  and examples of what not to do when loading your rental.

Here is an example of how not to load a dumpster with roofing materials.  Since the waste is above the top rail, we cannot safely whisk it away to where it needs to go. 

In the example above, the dumpster  was overfilled with asphalt. When loading heavy materials such as concrete, dirt, or asphalt that the dumpster must be loaded at least 12″ below the top of the container.

When this doesn’t happen it becomes illegal as the weight limit to drive on public roads is exceeded.  When this happens, safety issues become a huge liability on the company. 

If you find you have more to dispose of than what fills the container 12″ from the top, we’d recommend discussing it with us or renting a second container.

Although oftentimes overloading with furniture will not cause a dumpster  to go overweight, a dumpster cannot be loaded over the top. 

At JJ’s Hollywood Dumpster Rentals, safety is our biggest priority and a dumpster loaded improperly such as the one above is a risk to us all.

During a large cleanup, this dumpster was overfilled.  When loading you never exceed the top of the dumpster itself. The contents here were about 4′ over the bin, which makes it impossible for us to transport. 



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