How Should I Load My Dumpster?

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Whether you’re remodeling your home or doing a complete gut job in Hollywood or elsewhere in Broward County, you will end up with some waste that you need to dispose of properly. Construction dumpsters are typically used in situations like these because that’s what they’re built for. They are double-walled containers made to hold a large amount of debris and construction waste.

As with all waste we produce, there is a proper way to dispose of it, segregation is vital. The same goes for construction waste. There are a set of guidelines that companies like Hollywood Dumpsters and Haulers need to follow to be as efficient as possible, and make sure no resources are wasted,  ensure your safety, and the safely of those who will be loading the dumpster.



As with all waste, properly segregating it is vital. Haulers need to put items like propane tanks and paint on separate pieces of the conveyor, and prevent these items from spilling onto other materials. They also need to avoid loading too many materials on one trip. All in all, it’s best to put the waste into the dumpster in groups of similar sizes to maximize its capabilities.
Here’s a list of common practices by haulers:

Load Objects You Can Compress First

Breaking down big and bulky items into smaller components allows for space not to be wasted in a dumpster, especially if you’re paying per square foot of space. Boxes and shelves should be flattened and dismantled so other things can be stacked on top of it. It will take you a little more time to do this but you will save a lot of money because you won’t be paying for multiple trips to the landfill

Arrange Your Waste in the Dumpster

Don’t just throw your waste over the side of the dumpster; you’ll have to sort it out later if you do. Take time to fill it from one side to the next. Construction dumpsters like the ones from Hollywood Dumpsters and Haulers have one or two rear doors so you can actually walk into the dumpster. This allows you to maximize the space and allow you to visualize how many more items can fit into the dumpster.

Don’t Overload Your Dumpster

I know that you want to make the most out of your money, especially in places like Hollywood where everything is a little more expensive than most other parts of Florida, but make sure that you follow the regulations that govern proper disposal of construction waste. A specific dumpster can only hold a set amount of weight. Overloading will not only violate the regulations but will end up being a safety hazard.

Choose an Appropriate Loading Location

You can have the perfect size dumpster for all the estimated waste you might produce but if you park the dumpster in a location that is difficult to move around multiple objects, you won’t be as efficient as you want to be and you will waste time and labor trying to get the waste to the dumpster.

Remember That You Can’t Load Everything in Your Dumpster

Hazardous waste, chemicals, appliances, and explosives are not allowed to be loaded into the dumpster. These guidelines are set by local landfills and recycling centers so they can also operate properly.

You must keep on top of your waste management, ensuring that you are only transporting what you need and you are maximizing your natural resources. More often than not, you will find that there are companies that are willing to provide a professional service to pick up, segregate and dispose of waste.

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